What is coconut soy wax & does it smell like coconut?
Coconut soy wax is a natural blend of coconut and soy wax. The wax alone is odorless.  This type of wax is known to have a creamy white to off-white appearance.

Is it necessary to trim my candle wicks?
YES! To maintain the life of your candle + keep it burning clean and even, it’s important to trim your wick(s) before each lighting.  This also helps reduce soot and minimize smoke from your candle flame as it is lit. Caution tip: you can trim your wicks too short!  If you trim your wick(s) too short, it will not be able to generate enough heat to the candle wax.  An ideal wick length is 1/4 inch.  We offer black stainless steel wick trimmers here.

What is a melt pool?
A melt pool is created when your candle is lit and the wax melts. When you light your candle for the first time, it is important to ensure the wax evenly melts across your candle jar perimeter as this will set the stage for future burnings.  Furthermore, soy wax is known to have memory after each burn and will likely burn the same diameter as it previously did.  Ensuring you have a full melt pool with the first burn, and sequential burns, will help your candle burn clean and evenly until it reaches the bottom.  This will ultimately maximize your candle’s burn time ability.  S|W Inspo & Design candle care recommendations include burning your candle for a minimum of 2 hours, to ensure a full melt pool, and a maximum of 4 hours during a given time.

Why shouldn’t I burn my candle longer than 4 hours?
4 hours is the maximum recommendation due to the changes that begin to occur with your candle wick(s). As carbon collects on the wick during the burning process it begins to create a mushroom effect.  When this occurs, the wick can become less stable as the flame grows larger, which may also result in the appearance of smoke or soot on your candle jars. 

Why did the color of my wax tint after I burned my candle?
This is very common with soy wax due to its natural properties when mixed with fragrance oils. This slight color variation has no effect on how your candle should burn.  Furthermore, keeping your wick trimmed before each burning will additionally help keep your wax clean & free of wick debris.

Are your candles environmentally friendly?
Coconut soy wax is known to be eco-friendly. This luxury wax blend has characteristics that produce less soot and one of the healthiest types of candle waxes.  Our wicks are braided cotton with a thin paper filament and no core.  Our fragrance oils incorporate essential oils and are paraben & phthalate free. 

How long will my candle burn for?
Candle burn times can vary depending on your candle care. Following our S|W Inspo & Design Candle Care Recommendations will help maximize your candles lifetime. Please refer to our current sizes and approximate total burn times below. Please note, these burn times are based on our testing and following our candle care recommendations. Our large and small sizes are double wicked and our medium size is single wicked.  

  • Large (12 oz): approximately 43 hours
  • Medium (7 oz): approximately 41 hours
  • Small (5 oz): approximately 16 hours

    What are your candle care recommendations?
    Each of our S|W Inspo & Design candles come with the following candle care recommendations:

    • For first time use, burn candle for minimum of 2 hours; for sequential burns, ensure candle is lit long enough for full wax melt across top
    • Trim wicks to 1/4 inch before each lighting
    • Do not burn candle for more than 4 hours at a time
    • Discontinue use when 1/4 inch of wax remains
    • Do not use lid to extinguish flame
    • Use caution: your lit candle will get hot, avoid moving and touching during burning
    • Never leave your burning candle unattended

    What are the dimensions of the different candle jar sizes?
    Please reference our approximate measurements below of each of the three sizes we offer:

    • Large (12 oz): 4 in W (inches across top) x 4.25 in H (inches tall) without cork lid
    • Medium (7 oz): 3.25 in W (inches across top) x 3.75 in H (inches tall) including lid
    • Small (5 oz): 3.5 in W (inches across top) x 2 in H (inches tall) including lid

    Tell me more about your wax melts? What is coco apricot créme soy wax?
    Our wax melts are made from a blend of waxes including coconut, apricot, soy wax, with a small amount of food grade paraffin. These ingredients offer clean burning, are biodegradable, vegan, and non-toxic.

    What are your wax melt care recommendations? 
    Each of our S|W Inspo & Design luxe wax melts come with the following care recommendations:

    • remove packaging before using to avoid fire or injury
    • use only in tea light warmers or UL- listed approved electric warmers approved for wax melts
    • before using your warmer, read and follow all of the directions that came with it
    • do not leave melter unattended and keep out of reach of children and pets

    Tell me more about your Mini Trio Sets & can I create a custom trio?

    Our Mini Trio Sets are currently offered in three options: Woodsy & Spice, Fresh & Floral, & S|W Holiday. These aromas were selected based on some of our top selling scents. Each candle is 2.4 oz & single wicked in a matte black or matte white glass jar & packaged in a luxury black box. Candles are approximately 2.5 inches tall. We know everyone's favorite aromas are different; therefore, you can message us through our CONTACT US page to request a custom trio & we'll do our best to fulfill!  Note: custom orders may extend processing time to fulfill.

    How do your Reed Diffusers work & how long will they last?

    Our luxury reed diffusers are made with eco-friendly ingredients and arrived packaged in a beautiful glass jar with eight black fiber reeds. Our fiber reeds gently disperse luxurious aroma into the air and are a great flameless alternative for a variety of living spaces.  Each reed diffuser will arrived packaged with the following care instructions:

    • To begin use, remove cap & stopper.
    • Replace cap and insert reeds through the hole in the cap to absorb the fragrance oil and diffuse the scent.
    • Do not light the reeds.
    • Rotate the reeds every 3-4 days to refresh the scent, as needed. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling the reeds.
    • Keep your reed diffuser in a well ventilated area to allow fragrance to disperse.
    • Keep away from small children & pets. 

    Your reed diffuser should last approximately 2-3 months.  Following the care instructions recommended above should help your reed diffuser perform optimally & restore its longevity.  

    How soon will my order ship?

    As a small business, we are striving to get your orders out ASAP! Our current ship times are 2-4 business days from order.  Delivery times will be based on selected carrier at checkout.  

    Have another question you want answered?
    The best way to reach us is at connect@swinspodesign.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!